Product characteristics


Patent pending quality product with a high pigment content. The cooling effect works to significantly extend the lifespan of wood and paint film, and prevent wooden houses from overheating. Provides optimal protection for the woodwork with its high level of UV resistance, water-repellent and self-cleaning effect and prevents the growth of mould and algae on the surface. Easy to apply, non-drip, optimal adhesion, excellent coverage with a smooth flow and finish. Suitable for a change of colour, even from a dark colour to a light colour.



Hybrid technology

The hybrid technology protects the wood for the longest time and is a combination of water-based Alkyds and water-based Acrylates, in a single system. This technology protects the woodwork, like the oil-based paint, and has a robust, flexible surface, like the water-based paint. The result is optimal adhesion and excellent coverage with a smooth flow and finish.

Slow release

The additives, which protect against mould and fouling, are encapsulated in such a way that they are released slowly and only activated in damp weather. This ensures the longest durability instead of them being washed out quickly, resulting in a shorter lifespan.


Used for outdoor treatment of facades, eaves, gables, garages and wooden fences. It can be used on both new and previously treated wood.

Preparatory work

To achieve optimal durability, it is important that new, old or worn out paintwork is treated with a suitable means of protection against visible and invisible fungal spores and fouling. Ordinary dirt and grime is removed with wood cleaner.


New, untreated woodwork or worn out wood should be primed with an oil or water-based primer.

Final treatment

Stir thoroughly before use - apply two coats of paint.
See instructions on the packaging or at


Available in several standard colours both as full-covering and transparent wood protection.


Technical data

Spreading rate:     
 6-12 m2/l, (6m2/l=200µm)
Can be painted over:  At 20˚C / 50%RH: After approximately 4 hours
Drying time:  At 20˚C / 50%RH: Approx. 12 hours
Completely dried:  After approx. 1 week

 Brush, roller, paint sprayer.
 Use of gloves recommended.

Thinning:  Should not be thinned
Cleaning:  Water