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COOLINGPAINT - groundbreaking technology with a United States patent

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Groundbreaking and heat-reflecting roof paint for several types of roofs.

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A protective and heat-reflecting facade paint for fibre cement and plaster surfaces.

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An innovative and heat-reflecting wood protection for gables, eaves, garages and wooden fencing

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Four good reasons to choose COOLINGPAINT

Less CO2 emissions for cooling

COOLINGPAINT prevents the temperature of the treated surface from becoming too high, and as it requires more energy to cool something down than to heat it up, COOLINGPAINT can contribute to reducing the ever-increasing amount of CO2 used for cooling.

A unique kind of protection

COOLINGPAINT protects the treated surface against the sun’s harmful infrared rays and has been quality tested in accordance with international standards for coverage and opacity, UV-stability, adhesion, peeling, blistering, crack formation, high weather resistance, fungal and algal growth, gloss and colour change.

Carries the EU Ecolabel

COOLINGPAINT carries the EU Ecolabel, which is a guarantee that the product meets strict environmental requirements throughout all phases of its lifecycle. This also means that COOLINGPAINT does not contain heavy metals, softening agents and harmful amounts of solvents.

Patented technology

Nowocoat’s United States patent is called Solvent-free Infrared Reflective Surface Coating and covers both the structure and the process behind COOLINGPAINT. COOLINGPAINT is the culmination of several years of development based on the stealth technology from the United States military.