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Reduces heat generation

COOLINGPAINT Roof is a patented and innovative roof paint that reflects over 90% of the sun’s infrared rays and reduces the surface’s absorption of heat from the sun’s rays by up to 20%. In addition to reducing the heat both inside and outside of the building (and thereby reducing the need for cooling), COOLINGPAINT also extends the life expectancy of the roof and reduces the need for maintenance.


Advanced technology

The pigments in COOLINGPAINT have microscopic mirrors added to them, which reflect the sun’s rays. The technology is based on the United States military’s Stealth project, which sought to make planes less visible to radar. Here at Nowocoat, we have further developed the technology using special equipment that homogenises the chemical composition of the paint’s pigments and additives.


A solution to climate-related challenges

COOLINGPAINT Roof has great potential in solving some of the climate-related challenges that the world faces. Rising temperatures increase the demand for cooling, but cooling units result in air pollution, bad interior climates and higher CO2 emissions. An untreated roof can become as hot as 90C, and it requires more resources to cool something down than it does to heat it up. COOLINGPAINT can reduce the energy consumption used by, for example, cooling units on rooftops, and this makes it an extremely attractive solution from a financial and environmental perspective.

COOLINGPAINT Roof comes in all the usual standard colours.


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