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Patented technology

COOLINGPAINT Facade is a groundbreaking facade paint with a heat-reflecting effect. The patented paint reflects up to 90% of the sun’s infrared rays and reduces the surface’s absorption of heat by up to 20%. When the red infrared rays are reflected, the brickwork absorbs less heat. This means that the temperature is significantly reduced - both inside and outside - and this creates a better interior climate. Therefore, COOLINGPAINT contributes to both reducing the need for interior cooling and reduces the need for maintenance, as COOLINGPAINT also protects the facade.


An environmentally friendly alternative

COOLINGPAINT is solvent-free and therefore a more environmentally friendly alternative. COOLINGPAINT carries the EU Ecolabel, which is a guarantee that the product meets strict environmental requirements throughout all phases of its lifecycle. This also means that COOLINGPAINT does not contain heavy metals, softening agents and harmful amounts of solvents. At the same time, it has been quality tested in accordance with international standards for coverage and opacity, UV-stability, adhesion, peeling, blistering, crack formation, high weather resistance, fungal and algal growth, gloss and colour change and the ability to reflect infrared rays.


COOLINGPAINT Facade comes in all the usual standard colours.


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