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The only one of its kind in Europe

At Nowocoat, we are the only company in Europe that produces the patented COOLINGPAINT wood protection that reflects the sun’s infrared rays and thereby reduces the amount of heat that the wood absorbs. The paint is a breakthrough in wood protection on several parameters, both because high temperatures degrade the wood and because the paint contributes to reducing the need for interior cooling.


Increased durability

The warm part of the year takes a heavy toll on woodwork, and the sun’s rays and heat degrade the wood. On a 26C summer day, the woodwork can heat up to 60C. With COOLINGPAINT, the temperature is reduced by up to 40% on black woodwork, and the wood stays naturally cooler. This reduces the damage caused by the sun’s powerful light and heat, such as fading, crack formation, resin bleed out, etc. - and this results in the woodwork becomes more durable and remaining healthy, dense and flexible for up to 16 years.


A unique kind of protection

Microscopic mirrors have been added to the pigments in COOLINGPAINT, and these reflect 90% of the sun’s infrared rays and thereby reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the woodwork by up to 20%. Additionally, COOLINGPAINT is based on HybridTechnology-System™ and includes the anti-fungal and algae-inhibiting additive SlowRelease-Protection™, which means that the additive is only activated in moist weather.


COOLINGPAINT Wood is available as a transparent wood protection and fully covering wood protection in all the usual standard colours.


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