COOLINGPAINT® is a new, advanced, patent pending wood protector. Nowocoat has further developed this technology using special equipment to homogenise the chemical composition of the pigments and additives.


Microscopic mirrors are added to the pigments, which reflect the sun’s infrared rays so that the amount of heat that is absorbed is significantly reduced. In layman’s terms, the wood gets an infrared filter. The greatest effect is achieved on dark colours, but it also has a beneficial effect on white and light colours.

For example, on black painted woodwork, surface temperature is reduced by up to 30 percent on a sunny day when compared with traditional wood protectors. Strong sunlight can also have a damaging effect even when the outdoor temperature is low, as traditional wood protectors absorb more heat than COOLINGPAINT®. This is because traditional wood protectors reflect less of the sun’s energy than COOLINGPAINT®.


In fact, a traditional black colour only reflects 5% of the sun’s energy – the remaining energy is more or less converted into heat. COOLINGPAINT® is a wood protector of the highest quality, which provides up to 16 years of durability and meets all the requirements of the EU Ecolabel.

The new heat reflective technology was originally developed by the US military as a part of the Stealth project to make it harder to track fighter aircraft on a radar. The principles for wood protection are the same.




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It is during the hot time of year rather than the cold season that woodwork experiences the most wear.

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COOLINGPAINT® ensures cool and naturally tempered woodwork

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COOLINGPAINT® is a new, advanced, patent pending wood protector.

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